Hey guys, how are you doing?

You all know (and if you don’t now you do :)) my huge love for Photography.
I know, 500px is already a huge community but even after being on Flickr since 2008 i was kinda restricted to it so i decided to write down few lines of my thoughts and why i started my adventure on this website :).

Apart the fact that i love the layout, i was also looking for a fast website with a nice quality on the photos and why not a great community behind it that makes you feel stronger, learn and get inspired everyday.

Well i found all this on 500px.
The website is super slick and fast. It’s incredible really. I know it might be normal for you but after years on Flickr (not blaming it) this is a nice fresh air to me.

Layout is very modern, easy and minimal. You don’t need to spend hours to find stuff and it’s really all around the people in it. Follow, likes and favourite pics is what makes you popular and the fact is that you can really see that the popular guys there are guys with amazing stuff… So let’s say so far it works and you really feel part of something.

I’ve personally got a nice feedback on my works since the first 30 minutes i posted something, it’s a nice place to put your portfolio and to show it to clients. I also love the fact that you can post stories bringing you like a ‘National Geographic‘ photographer, collecting memories and sharing your amazing trip to everybody :D.

And you? What do you think about it? Are you trying it?

Feel free to share your profile and follow each other, here’s my page: