Hey my friends!!

As you can read from the title, and hopefully you already see the difference even without reading, everything is new!
I promise i won’t be long at all but i only want to summarise what’s changed.


Let’s start from this session. My blog is FINALLY inside the website and you won’t need to move here and there like before.
It’ll be way quicker for me to manage and to post any sort of content for you guys. (Like this one yes).

You’ll find quick sketches and not finished stuff or not relevant to anything. You’ll find news, stuff that I like, discussions about my thoughts and art in general… Shortly… Everything i want to talk about will be there.


The website is overall much faster, more responsive and basically everything works better and smoothly.
Please let me know if you see any problem on your experience and I’ll be sure to fix it.



The portfolio here works in a way that when you click on an image you’ll see directly the entire project and so the collection of images related to that one.
So, hopefully, less confusion and it will be easy to remind where the stuff is.
Of course the number of the projects will grow and already stay tuned for new stuff to come.



As you can see directly on the preview of a project or in the page there’s a little heart. Click it on what you think you like the most on what you see :)! I think it’s fun!


This is pretty much it!

I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to my friend Nelson that gave me all the help i needed with his talent.
Visit his page here!

I hope you like it guys and stay tuned for more stuff to come!!