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Hi! My name is Luca Pisanu and I am a Visual Development Artist based in LA.

Luca Pisanu is a technically minded Visual Development artist, Digital Matte Painter and Concept Artist.
Luca was born in Casale Monferrato, a small town in the North of Italy not too far from Torino on September 30, 1987. Since childhood, he has always been fascinated by drawing and animation, inspired in part by his father, who is a very talented illustrator.

As a child, Luca spent entire days copying comic books and Disney artwork, driven by his passion and love for art.

From a young age, amongst his many other hobbies and involvement in sports, Luca always knew that he would build a profession out of his love for drawing and creating art.

During his 4th year of high school, Luca traveled to Rome to attend an interesting Workshop, led by Alessandro Barbucci, who is one of the most important artists for Disney and is well-known in the world of French art. Barbucci is the father of well-known comics like Witch, Sky Doll, Monster Allergy among many others. This proved to be an invaluable experience for Luca, as Barbucci provided insight and advice on how Luca should approach his career and should strive to improve his skills on a daily basis. He took this advice to heart, putting forth even more dedication to becoming an artist as well as taking a wide variety of art courses, such as figure drawing, comics, and composition.
Luca began to extend his interests beyond drawing and graphic design and into the world of designing art for video-games and film.  During this time, he also began to broaden his interests and found that performing and creating music provided another extension and inspiration for his creative abilities. He has always dreamed big. In addition, his perfectionist nature has continually pushed him to reach for the highest level of achievement in everything he does. Such qualities have influenced his sense of aesthetics and style, which has come to define his professional identity and career.
In 2006, Luca finished his High School degree very excited to accept new challenges and grow even more, as he was full of ambition and dreams for the future. He joined the Animation and Art Academy in Florence since, after significant research, he found it was the perfect place for his creative potential to be nurtured.
His instructors were artists and professionals working for some of the industry’s most renowned publishers, such as Disney, Bonelli, and Soleil.
In Florence, Luca discovered a new world full of artistic possibilities and he has never looked back. He started learning techniques in 3D and animation, jumping between different softwares (i.e. Maya, Cinema 4D, ZBrush), allowing his creativity to bask in a world confined only by his endless imagination. He soaked in as much technical information as he possibly could and came to understand that the visual library is fundamental for every successful artist.
After Florence, Luca knew that in his chosen line of work, he would become to be defined by his portfolio, so he began to seek opportunities that would allow him to showcase his technical skills and creativity in hopes of pursuing a career doing what he loved.
After doing several small projects in Italy, Luca was curious to explore the world and new opportunities so decided to travel abroad in London. It was a very big step for him, both personally and professionally, as he hoped to work with the big design and art studios in London. Soon enough, a post production studio run by Ashley Cameron (a very talented and important photographer) gave Luca the opportunity to work on some projects.  Luca extended his stay in London, gaining valuable firsthand experience in his field and laying the groundwork for what has since been a highly successful career. Joining a team of talented professional artists made Luca immediately understand how much he still had to learn, as well as how cool and fulfilling a career in the world of art would be.
He continued to gain vast technical knowledge as well as many tricks in Photoshop as well as how to implements 3D scenes into photography and video. He was liberated from any prior constraints or limitations and felt free to create.
After this experience in London, Luca travelled back to Italy. While continuing to work and freelance for Ashley Cameron, he found work in Turin in two agencies, Ideal Comunicazione and Leo Burnett, a very popular international agency working on commercials, advertising and prints for brands like Fiat, Jeep, Dodge, Montblanc, WWF and many others. Here, Luca began to gain skills in interacting and communicating with elite clients as well as further strengthened his skills in traditional and digital media. Implementing his knowledge from Florence and London, Luca contributed to importance campaigns, further diversifying his portfolio of work. During this period, Luca also began to explore the world of concept art, expanding his influences beyond comic book art and developing a more personal approach and individual, realistic style that has been instrumental to his career.
While still living in Italy, Luca was presented with the opportunity to work with the prestigious London-based agency Factory311, which wanted Luca to work on a high profile campaigns, like Valentino. His work with Factory311 was hugely successful and a true honour, leading him to new and exciting opportunities and projects.
Work brought Luca back to London when in January 2012 he received an offer to work for the prestigious Creative Production and Advertising company, Taylor James.
Back in London, Luca began to work on large-scale productions for highly renowned international brands. During his time in London, Luca continued to explore his love for photography as well as work side by side with many other projects outside of his work with Taylor James. For example, Luca once again collaborated with Factory311 and many other new artists and agencies.
Inspired by new places, Luca began traveling even more and established professional contacts with companies like Corridor Digital, Player Piano, Lindsey Stirling, and many more. He also gained contacts with important web celebrities in California, creating content such as his recent work as a Matte Painter for The Zelda Project.
After few years of back and forth in 2015 Luca is finally able to move to Los Angeles where he works for companies like Disney and Insomniac Games.
Currently working at Dreamworks Animation.

To be continued…

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