Here we are guys!

I like to open a little discussion regarding a game that i personally love… Titanfall!
Since the E3 presentation i’ve been amazed from the amazing work that Zampella and friends did on this brand new title being already a big fan since Call of Duty series and their past.

So here we are, design! Always about it.

I’m not gonna judge the game for the gameplay, genre o story-goals, i’m going to talk about the design part of it.
I love these titans, i love the characters, the environment.

Titanfall_screenshot_102213I love how they started promoting the game showing up a ‘fake’ company name called Hammond Robotics so that it’s not just a ‘videogame with robots’ but it’s something that nowadays in the real world can be connected to any product we use as we link all to a brand if you think (Ex. Iphone=Apple).
This is not a new thing on a videogame or movie but in this case is for sure a huge benefit bringing the Titanfall world closer to us.

Another thing is the titan design. they are not Japanese, they are not American, they are unique in terms of style and design.
Designers have been able to build something good for everyone, using different approaches of shapes and taking notes that they had to fit a guy inside the body of it.
There are different kinds of Titans with different abilities and each of them has been designed in a way that show off  his ability from the body. For example the thinner one of course is faster but weak compared to the thicker one which is stronger but slower.


They are designed without crazy lines and or ideas behind and because they are so simple i think they work so well.
Mostly made by cubes, cylinders and spheres it’s the perfect demonstration that the basic shapes are the strongest when used in a proper way.
Very well done in my opinion here.

All this works perfectly with the characters that we find with crazy, awesome futuristic helmets dressed up with super hi-tech stuff that we feel it’s something that we need in the game (like the flying stuff and invisibility). So nothing is there just because they wanted to add stuff but i think they really tried to imagine how all this could work in a cool way but more in a ‘human’ way.

Titanfall is very futuristic but in my opinion they’ve been careful to show us a period of transition between us (let’s say today or the next 10-20 years) and the real crazy future that we see on movies.

Everything is dirty, big, Titans are not perfect, nothing is perfect as it has been tested a lot. There are not many improvements like these Titans are still the 1.0, the invisibility suits are big, weapons, especially Titan’s ones, are quite ‘old school’. Also the world around is not that crazy futuristic.

I think this is amazingly don creating something that you can feel closer to us and reinforcing the idea of reality staying away, in this first game (who knows in the future :)), from the super clean surfaces, futuristic suites that do everything but they are so snug to the body… You got the point.

The color palette of course is always playing between cold blue and warm orange-red tone going on 2 types of scenarios, mostly deserts or cities.

Everything works together on something that i feel will be a huge game that will set a new standard of fps but first of all on the design point of view.

This is all my personal opinion guys, i’m gonna play this game since day one on my Xbox One and i’ll study it even more because i’m sure i have to discover more.

I’ve got the book with the designs and i’ll do a review for you asap!

Let me know what you think, i’m curious to know what you think about this game and if you’ve found something more.

Enjoy the gallery ;)!