Hey guys, how are you?

I’m finally here and this is my brand new official Blog!!
Few news here!

Why did i need to change platform for my blog?

Well i didn’t like the way the other on Blogger was working, so, according with my friend Nelson we’ve set up this one, faster, cooler and hopefully better for you guys to share your thoughts and read my stuff.

I’ll try to cover a lot and stay active, even just sharing small thoughts with you!

All the OLD STUFF before this article is stuff that has been imported from Blogger. Not everything have a preview but everything is working… So… have fun to check the past posts if you want ;).

One of the news is that, as you may know, or if you don’t you are going to find out, i’ve opened a youtube channel called The Buster Monkey where i cover designs in general, like concept art, character design, environments, matte painting and my approach how i work and what i like… Well, everything about art. Feel free to subscribe and follow me there too.

Ok, i’t already getting long here, this is kinda my welcome to this my new space.